an anticipating feature

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Dec 26, 2007 at 11:22 AM
hi,this tool improves my developping work so much thanks.
my company people and i are so glad to browse this treeview style window.

So far,I have only one thing for you team people to implement for the next version.
I desparately want to have the source code outliner with "region as folder on the tree".

in our codes,it often goes like
class A{
#region ctor
public XXX(){}
#region Initilazing Contros
void initialzieDataGridViewStyle(){}
void initialzieRadionButtons
#region UserProcessComponent
void onAction1(){}
#region Handling Events
void btnA_Click(object sender,EentArgs e){}

oh,and I also would like to have an automatic sort button to sort methods in alphabetical order.
I feel this kind of tool has the great power among improving coding.
hope i'll soon see the next nice version of the outliner.