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Unable to install for VC++ 2008 Express

first post: awe wrote: Hi,When I try to install the .msi, it says I do not have VS2008. I ...

latest post: yellowbigbird wrote: express version can't install any plugin.

Need to call out lack of C++ support clearly

first post: legalize wrote: The main page here or in the Visual Studio gallery makes no mention...

JS Support

first post: vincpa wrote: JavaSCript support would be nice :)

Get rid of block indicators

first post: asherber wrote: I love the Source Outliner window, but I'm not a big fan of the col...

Problem with Visual C# 2008 Express Edition

first post: mqf wrote: Hi Can the Add-in work under C# 2008 Express Edition? Thanks ...

Source Code outliner for F#

first post: namigop wrote: This is cool! Can it be made to work with F# source?

Hotkey for Filter

first post: Rauchhaupt wrote: Hi there, is there a hotkey for entering the filter? This would ...

Align all members in TreeView to 3 collections: Fields, Properties, Functions.

first post: DylanWind wrote: I think that addding an align button to the SourceOutlinerControl o...

Visual Studio 2008 Support

first post: uridium88 wrote: Hi, This is a must have add-in for me and my team! Are there pl...


first post: karsten wrote: How do I install this tool, the releases tab seems to be empty. Is ...

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